How can people accurately describe what they don’t know? Skilled observation is the crucial bridge between what consumers believe about themselves and their true behaviors.

We are experts at noting the behaviors people take for granted, enabling accurate predictions of future actions.


Do you know your audience? Where do you fit in the broader picture?

We employ time-tested visual and verbal techniques—like open-ended mind mapping and video diaries—that get you beyond demographics into psychographic profiles that better inform your intuition and guide your innovation.


How seamlessly does addressing research objectives translate into answering your business questions?

We put our data to use in guided workshops that place you in your consumers’ shoes.  From this more informed perspective, we facilitate the collaboration that generates more viable solutions.


Consumer behavior is complicated.

We wade through the complexities of consumer actions and decision making to deliver the digestible insights that provide long-term value, clarity, and meaning.

The truths we illuminate are relevant so they can be leveraged to inform strategies, develop products, and refine communications.

You already know your story. We deliver your consumers’ story.

Who We Are
kat mavrantonis

With over 20 years of research experience, Kat has a unique ability to concisely explain complex human behaviors and reactions. Her dedication to understanding the consumer experience is evidenced in her capabilities, which range from positioning and branding to shopper journeys.

Her dream Jeopardy category would be vintage trailers.
miguel lyons-cavazos

With over 15 years in consumer research, Miguel’s roles have varied from  research lead to business development.  He is passionate about finding important links between seemingly unrelated data and creating models that help people get their minds around difficult concepts.

His dream Jeopardy category would be drummers of the late eighties.
brigitte beaudin

With over 20 years in the research industry, Brigitte is most passionate about  building long-term relationships with partners across industries.  Her skills range from business development to field operations, and were honed at IRI, Cheskin, Simmons,, and e-Rewards.

Her dream jeopardy category would be wine pairings.

About Us

We are a collection of talented and curious individuals, each bringing their own diverse mindset, background, and strength.

What we have in common is that we’re doing exactly what we’re passionate about: learning about people.

Our expertise is wrapped around objectively understanding your consumers, not your industry. We’ve exercised that expertise across enough categories to give you perspective.

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Focus Groups

Focus groups are an effective way to reveal consumer or shopper narratives and build psychographic profiles.  In addition to being economical, we can turn this traditional methodology around quickly, often going from proposal to final report in ten days.


Observation and in-context interviews uncover behaviors and habits that happen beyond the consumer’s cognition by reaching past the limitations of traditional research to immerse ourselves in how people work, shop, live, and play.


Quantitative data validates hypotheses, quantifies learnings, and measures impact to generate a robust understanding of any issue to support product development, brand building, communications, or consumer profiling.


We have the experience to be fluid & flexible.  And since we’ve been at this awhile, we can quickly turn around a high quality project to adapt to your schedule and the [often] unrealistic timelines you’re faced with.


Our processes for designing and executing projects are seamless. Whether utilizing a time-tested approach, something less orthodox approach, or a combination of methods, we pull it off without a hitch.


Like our methodologies, our deliverables are custom tailored to their audience, communicating insights with clarity and meaning with visually-rich decks, video, and information modeling.


We do our homework and similarly when a discussion relies on self-reporting, we often like to prepare our respondents. Journals, discussion boards, and video diaries bring attention to relevant behaviors and give a backdrop of context to discussions and findings. Respondents often report learning something new about their habits from the assignments we create for them. Shining light on unnoticed habits uncovers deeper truths.


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